About us

The unique eco-friendly attachable sponge you can recover with ease

Investing in an eco-friendly long lasting Bungee Spongee® will minimise the multi-purchasing of sponges, resulting in less waste polluting our environment. 

Our Mission.

Passionate about the future of our planet and its people we acknowledge that every eco-friendly step, large or small, plays a vital part in securing our amazing world for the future generations.  It is our mission to support the global future by providing a product of superior quality, generated with complete transparency, offering both value for money and longevity. 

Our Vision

We care about our world and its people and offer you a unique opportunity to partner with us in this mission.

Whilst encouraging children in fun chores which reflect both the value of money and the benefits of earning it, we are also empowering those with physical disabilities towards independence.

As our company grows we will expand our workforce, empowering more people to improve their future.  We will demonstrate that as a UK company we can use UK sourced products and services to develop a completely self-sufficient business within this country.  This will make our economy stronger and encourage others to create similar business models, developing more jobs and safe guarding more lives within our society.  Consumers deserve more transparency and only businesses can provide this by upholding ethical principles and supporting and encouraging other companies to do the same.