Bungee Spongee®

"Sustainability, Happiness, Nature, People, Community, Family"

Our Mission

It is our mission to support the sustainability of our world by providing products of superior quality, that last longer than ordinary sponges and reduce waste. Our products are produced locally to help minimise the need for transportation, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Vision

Our vision for the next five years is to expand our brand so that we can promote sustainability to greater numbers of people, through the products we sell, and the relationships we build. We aim to build a workforce that is as diverse and unique as the communities we serve.

Our Values

We are committed to promoting sustainability through our products and business dealings. Our products are made to a high standard to ensure that they are fit for the job that they are intended for. We are building relationships with businesses that share our commitment to sustainability so that we diversify our products even further.

We will endeavour to help our workforce grow and realise their potential, therefore helping to create a sustainable workforce.

Message From The Board

We don’t have board meetings to discuss how much we can earn for the company. We have board meetings on how we can help more people.

Founder Message

I was sick and tired of products that don’t last two minutes, it’s not good for us or the environment.  I know we all deserve better!

I am passionate about getting back to living in a more sustainable environment, so that my children’s future can be secured and sustained along with every other child’s on this planet. I love people and nature. Along with my wife and children we are looking to serve people in the best way possible.

I live by strong values and morals. Honesty with truth, transparency and loyalty are hugely important to me. With a strong belief in striving to do the right thing by the environment and all that live within it.

The reason why we built our business stems from being fed up with poor quality sponges that don’t last two minutes that we drop and get frustrated with, giving us negative feelings and costing us money when they are contaminated and scratching our most loved possessions. This was coupled with guilt when we lost them aboard charter boats and seeing them float off into the sea, imagine where do all those lost sponges go?

Bungee Spongee was born from this, it is a built to last sponge product that people, businesses and the environment can depend on. Boosting productivity, saving time and money for all and stopping the risk of polluting the environment in the current form. It’s a fantastic fun alternative that is a prevention and solution.

I have spent the last six years whilst in work and as a house husband designing prototypes and creating a marketable product and getting to market. I have invested in protection with branding in the UK also internally within the US, Registered Design Patents in the EU, US and beyond.

Our brand and what it creates is so important, we want people to be happy not frustrated or angry, we want to create jobs that people love and can grow from, we want to share our success and inspire all who come with us on this amazing journey.


No Scratches

Long Lasting

Never Lose It

Save Nature With BUNGEE

We were fed up with dropping our sponges and having to throw them away due to contamination. Often, we found that sponges were not very robust and after one or two uses became inadequate and thrown away, they get lost easily too and thrown away when they are contaminated. And imagine where all the lost sponges blown into the ocean from boats go, where do they end up? We recognise that this is not sustainable for our planet or our children’s futures, to see so many go to waste, wasting our precious resources.

No risk to the environment. Because of our attachment on our product there can be no more dropped sponges. Dramatically reducing the amount of sponges that are discarded or lost, Bungee Spongee keeps the environment cleaner on land and in sea. Also, the type of sponge we supply is closed cell, so it is more solid as a unit and absorbs more water, a litre at capacity, more than most sponges meaning less water used during the clean.

Bungee Spongee

Our aim is to contribute to our local economy as much as possible. We are Proud that we design and manufacture all our products at our manufacturing site in Hampshire, U.K

BUNGEE SPONGEE® will give the customer, a memory and a smile; don’t forget, a day without a smile is a wasted day!