About us

About us

Bungee Spongee was founded by Leon Mead, who one day was inspired to create a range of sponges that you can attach to your boat, wrist or shore so you never lose it. 

Millions of sponges around the world are lost to the oceans, seas and waterways every year causing damage to the environment. The Bungee Spongee is designed to reduce this impact and enhance the experience of people who enjoy boating, sailing and fishing.

Leon runs Bungee Spongee from his home in Southampton, it is a family-run business that prides itself on high quality design and excellent customer service. His products are unique and yet practical - he has designed Bungee Spongee for washing your boat, bailing, angling and cleaning your car.

As a keen angler, Leon got fed up with losing his sponge and then forgetting to purchase a new one. That was when he came up with the idea of Bungee Spongee - a sponge that you will not lose or need to replace regularly.

Leon designed and perfected the Bungee Spongee for four years before making it available to customers. His simple but innovative design is trademarked in the UK and USA, with registered design patents in the EU, Japan and China. Leon has continued to evolve his design, and he sources high quality materials and assembles them by hand in the UK.