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On the 22nd of May 2018 the second prestigious Hampshire meet the buyer event was held, the brain child of Rebecca Lodge of Little Kanga Ltd, took place at the Marriott Hotel Portsmouth.

Heavily in line with the construction industry this event was filled with opportunity for many businesses, both attendees and buyers.

These types of events are great and a super way to be successful at an event like this is to prepare accordingly, days or weeks in advance


  • We had written a clear picture of who we wanted to connect to visiting MTB. Also, a clear plan on which companies we wanted to talk to. The great thing about events like this is that you just cannot tell what other opportunities are going to be available until you are there.
  • We had set up meetings with fellow visitors, one such was The Diverse Cleaning Company, a fantastic company offering huge value in service to their clients, one of their clients is The Girkin in London amongst other prestigious buildings. We had some fantastic interesting conversations and have since met up again. We have secured another friend in business with exciting opportunities for each other into the future.
  • We also had a planned meeting with the buyers, we struck up a fabulous relationship with Mountjoy, not only did we get the opportunity to pitch and have our product considered for their staff to use, we also have been connected to a building merchant through Mountjoy for possible supply to their shops, giving customers a choice.
  • We found that there were also several companies that we didn’t consider or missed. One being Fasset Ltd a facilities management specialist based in Portsmouth, they have the important job of looking after the cleanliness of some fantastic businesses.

The construction industry contributes over 30 million tons of waste every year within our country. What a fantastic opportunity for us to supply long lasting Bungee Spongee’s to the building trade. And what a fantastic opportunity for the buyers, who have the opportunity to supply their staff with a product which is hard to be miss placed and will last longer than it’s equivalent and will stop frustrations meaning a happier workforce and boosted productivity through convenience.


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