Our Secret Formula For You

Do you love and appreciate your transport?

Our transport, cars, campers, planes, spaceships even horses all need cleaning from time to time. There are many ways to clean our much loved transport.

With over 20 years of experience car valeting we here at Bungee Spongee can recommend the best way to clean your transport. With the right tools, you can keep your property lovely, clean and scratch and swirl free.

Quite often prep is the key to any activity.  In the case of washing your transport this is true, prep is definitely key.

This is our secret formula for you:

  1. We would recommend buying a water purifier attachment for your hose. This means you will be washing your car with the purest of water. This is a great addition to your household as it’s a great idea to also water plants with purified water as it is neutral, our tap water contains chlorine.
  2. Rinsing your car off is the first step, for this you need high pressure, generally from a pressure washer. This ensures that the particles are blown away prewash. Leaving your car prepped for cleaning. Pressure washers can be bought relatively cheaply these days. We would recommend buying a Karcher, they are a top brand and can be bought new from as little as £62.94. The pressure washer is a top investment for your home because you can use it to clean your patio, walls, decking and the list goes on. A very useful bit of kit. *Of course we dont reccommend you use a pressure washer to clean your horse, just use the hose*.
  3. Now prep your bucket of soapy water. Ensure your bucket is clean by rinsing it out. We would recommend using an environmentally friendly shampoo, they are out there.
  4. Now the prep work has been achieved it is time to wash your car. Now this may sound biased , but we cannot recommend anything but a Bungee Spongee vehicle washer for this job and these are the reasons why, now remember we have 20 years of experience.
  • Sponge is the best material to use, because it has give when you put pressure on cleaning, (elbow grease).
  • Mitt’s and similar to don’t have this give, putting a lot of unwanted pressure on the paintwork of your vehicle, causing swirls and possible scratches if the mitt is contaminated.
  • Car washing brushes have very soft bristles, you may think that these would be a good choice however, you can never really put enough pressure on the brush to fully clean the vehicle properly. Running the risk of scuffing from the tough brush body.
  • The Bungee Spongee is the perfect tool, surprise surprise right. The reason behind this is that it combines the perfect material with the perfect way to stop the scratches that your car picks up, when being washed in conventional ways. It consists of a particularly strong forgiving sponge and bungee cord, held together with soft silicone. This enables the user to attach it to his or her wrist, meaning they will never drop their sponge on the floor. The number one contributor to scratches on our vehicles come from dropped sponges and mitt’s. We’ve all been there, right?

To Conclude..

There is years of sweat and hard work in the information we have issued you with, the perfect prep and formula for washing your car, clicking on the following will take you to the shops to buy the only car cleaning formula. All the following links are safe.

  1. Water purifier
  2. Pressure Washer
  3. Eco friendly Shampoo
  4. Bungee Spongee

A simple equation that will ensure your pride and joy, your well earned and 2nd most expensive item in your household will be given the best it can possibly be given.

A hidden bonus for you…. You can burn over 400 calories whilst washing your car. Your children can earn some pocket money and you can ensure they don’t scratch your car, meaning you can leave them to it, or even better get involved with them.

The Bungee Spongee can bring you and family together with a smile and a chore, give one ago!

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