The Bungee Spongee Experience

26 years of experience in professional car valeting has taught us the best and most innovative way to clean our cars. We all deserve better.

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    The world has a variety of sponges to choose from.

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    The most amazing & sustainable sponge.

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    The only attachable sponge you can recover with ease.

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    Great gift as well as a practical tool.

Vehicle Cleaning

  • We recommend the use of a pressure washer. Start from the top and work your way down, the pressure washer is the best way to blast all the larger particles of contamination off your car, leaving a fine film of grime. If you don’t have a pressure washer then a hose with a high pressure end will suffice.
  • Prepare your bucket of soapy water. We recommend using an eco-friendly shampoo.
  • Easy to use, attach your Bungee Spongee to your wrist and begin washing. Again, working from top to bottom letting gravity do most of the work and seeing the dirty bubbles run down to the floor.
  • Whilst Bungee Spongee is still attached to your wrist, blast the soap suds off your car. If you have missed any patches, Bungee Spongee can be conveniently and quickly used to finish up those patches whilst steaming off.
  • After use to preserve your BUNGEE SPONGEE simply wring it out and hang it to dry out of direct sunlight, avoiding contamination, leaving it ready for its next clean.

Did you know a high percentage of paintwork scratches and scuffs are caused by dropped sponges which are then contaminated with grit.

Don’t risk damaging your car by using inferior products – trust Bungee Spongee to keep your paintwork safe.